chloe michell working at her bench in her jewellery workshop

This will be the 10th year Chloe has displayed her beautiful jewellery at the Rock Institute with Danka. Chloe makes unique silver jewellery inspired by the rugged North Cornwall coastline.  Her jewellery collections are ever evolving and this year she will bring her newly updated Pebble and ONE collections. Also, showcasing this year is the new Spectrum collection which boasts delicate enamelled pieces. Chloes’ style is to bring perfection into imperfection, creating visually unusual collections with matte, hammered and polished finishes, oxidised silver and spatterings of gemstones and gold. Her jewellery remains beautiful and delicate, a real pleasure to wear, an everyday luxury.


six siler pebble bangles made by chloe michell jewellery showing at the rock insitute, rock, cornwall

PEBBLE-  is heavily influenced by stones found at local Greenaway Beach, situated on the outstanding Camel Estuary. The irregular shapes and quartz inclusions of the pebbles mean no two stones are the same. Chloe enjoys incorporating this organic feel into her work. No piece identical, the collection includes earrings, the ever-popular pebble bangle, necklaces and rings.

set of 4 stacking rings by chloe michell jewellery. Gem stones included in the alertnative engagement rings are green emeralds, mulit coloured sapphires, black and natural diamonds

ONE – The newly named ONE collection, is a delight of one-off pieces. Again, bringing irregularity as one of its main influences. This year Chloe will continue to bring you a selection of her unusual and exquisite rings that are increasingly popular as alternative engagement and wedding rings. There will also be a new series of earrings available to purchase as a single or as asymmetrical pairs.

sterling silver bangle from the spectrum collection with enamelled hoops by chloe michell jewellery

SPECTRUM- Delicate enamelled pieces.

As well as the introduction to her revamped collections Chloe will be making her usual array of unique pieces such as earrings, stacking rings, spinner rings, bangles, necklaces and studs. With the end of her Motif collection this year, she will be exploring new ways to use shape in her work.

Chloe specialises in bespoke designs and commissions, come and see the largest annual show of her work on display at the Rock Institute, and meet her there to chat about your needs.

To see some of Chloe’s previous work, visit her website at

or visit her Instagram page for a good portfolio of her current work and commissions.

A selection of sterling silver stacking rings by chloe michell. image shows new dot ring, band with small silver heart , beaten silver band and a granulated band
Sterling silver stacking rings